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Professional expertise within TV Production, Web Design and international Team Building


TV Production

Olaf Rudolfsen has a long and solid journalistic experience which is necessary for creating professional and interesting TV programs and documentary films. In addition, he has also written a lot of articles as a writer and photographer for newspapers and magazines.

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Web Design

Olaf Rudolfsen is licensed and registered as a REGISTRAR – domain reseller for Uninett NORID Norway. He has professional expertise within webdesign and as a web developer. We provide complete service connected to all types of websites.


Team Building

We are professional within team building and international marketing  on all social platforms and online channels. Video streaming on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube has never been more relevant than it is today. We offer professional course and trainee programs.

Why choose Us?

We deliver our service in a professional way as agreed!

Deliver On Time.

When we make an agreement for a production such an information film, or a commercial film, producing a website, work connected to team building or whatever it might be, then we deliver! – On Time! Deadline is very important in “my world“. Therefore, for me its important to always deliver on time.

Always available

I always try to be available related to my business customers. It is absolutely necessary in a middle of a project and when we are “playing“ with ideas. Creative solutions, and how to create the “masterpiece“ crown, we will do all together.

Professional and responsible

We act in a professional way and we are always responsible at all times. All projects will be handled in a proper way. Our customer always has the ownership to all ideas in our projects that are presented. We act confidentially, ensuring that all good ideas are protected without any risk at all.

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My last Flight (Microlight)

My last Flight (Microlight)

9. July, 2017

Juni 1986 er en merkedag i mitt liv, et liv som egentlig skulle endt denne dagen. Nå hadde jeg riktignok en djevelsk plan om å ikke gi meg her og nå. Derfor ble dette bare begynnelsen.

Our Author

Our Author

17. June, 2017

Olaf Rudolfsen is the author and editor for this website. We welcome you and please use this opportunity to have a “look around”…

Blog News – Template

Blog News – Template

6. June, 2017

A report is a structured, well organized document which defines and analyzes a topic in depth. It is always written with a specific purpose in mind.

Olaf Rudolfsen Official Website


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